New SmartChoice™ Food Pantry

A huge welcome The Campaign Against Hunger as the newest member of the SmartChoice family of food pantries! Please offer them your support and congratulations! #endhunger

A Smarter Way for Food Pantries to Offer Choice

A Smarter Way for Food Pantries to Offer Choice

SmartChoice™ is a touchscreen digital shopping and real-time inventory management software solution for food pantries and food banks to better serve their clients and help make a profoundly positive impact on the issue of food insecurity.  SmartChoice operates on the choice model, in which clients are able to choose the food they want rather than being given one-size-fits all pre-selected boxes of food.  SmartChoice empowers clients to make their own choices, provides them with 24/7 shopping access, improves client dignity through choice, flexibility, and diminished waiting times, reduces spoilage and waste, promotes healthier eating via built-in incentives, and streamlines food pantry operations, inventory management, personnel requirements and costs.

For Your Clients:

  • Touchscreen digital shopping & ordering from onsite kiosks, at-home, or on mobile devices
  • 24/7 shopping access – to fit every client’s schedule.  Allows pantry to serve more clients who otherwise wouldn’t be able to visit during limited pantry hours
  • Food options are based on real-time pantry inventory – streamlining shopping, eliminating confusion and out-of-stock disappointment
  • Promote healthier eating via built-in incentives, automated recipes, MyPlate education and messaging
  • Allergy & Dietary based product classifications
  • 6 different language options to serve a broad client base (each pantry chooses which 6 to offer – from any language in the world including special character sets)
  • Previous order recall for faster/easier shopping

For Your Pantry Staff & Operations:

  • Scan-in inventory instantly w/ UPC and PLU code automation – no more weighing!
  • Configurable pre-set shopping basket options for quicker shopping
  • Built in fully-customizable client surveying functionality – for immediate feedback on all aspects of food pantry service & satisfaction
  • Unlimited research test cells for in-depth research on how to incent and optimize healthy nutritional choices for clients
  • Comprehensive Reporting & Analytics including fully demographic cross-tabs
  • Online appointment scheduling and electronic wait room queuing
  • Minimal upfront investment with Pay-As-You-Go subscription plan
  • Free lifetime feature & functionality upgrades